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Our Fiverr Account – An update

Recently our fiverr account had been blocked due to some confusion.  The fiverr support wasn’t very helpful at the beginning ,  suspecting our account had been hacked and because of which they just wanted to make sure the account was returned back to rightful owner and I thank them for not taking a shortcut.  And many many thanks to Shai Wininger (Co-founder/CTO – Fiverr) who got the issue resolved once it was brought to his notice within few hours.

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We have "5 Revisions No Question Asked Policy" as well as "100% Money Back Guarantee"(If you don't like our work even after 5 revisions are over). In case of any problem with the order please send us a message on fiverr itself and our designer will take care of it. In case it isn't resolved in a timely manner you can get in touch with the CEO directly at the contact details(Preferably Email) mentioned below.

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Skype:- harmonyinfotech
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